I know you’re laughing because you’ve heard that question hundreds of times, along with “When are you going to get a real job?”

Outsiders don’t get it.  They think that camp is a seasonal job, that you’re on vacation from September to May and that it’s just fun and easy to run a program for kids.

No, they don’t get it!  But I do.  I am acutely aware of the year-round intensive efforts and the attention to details that are required to consistently deliver relevant, high-quality products that

  • Impact kids positively
  • Earn parent loyalty and
  • Bring campers back year after year.

Whether you work in not-for-profit, private, resident, day, year-round, travel or academic programs, I’ve been there. The extensive Focus Groups I’ve facilitated with parents and kids provide me with a unique perspective of what motivates families to inquire, purchase and return.

Who Am I?

  • I’ve assessed hundreds of summer and year-round facilities. I ask tough questions and challenge operators to deliver the best possible product.
  • I’ve been instrumental in the continuing success of established programs, helped new camps to develop and aided troubled businesses in their efforts to survive.
  • I’m passionate about camp, but I remain objective and unwilling to accept the excuse that the ‘economy is to blame’ for eroding enrollments. Many camps are full and managing wait lists because they have earned a solid reputation for delivering the quality product that they promise.

The True Value of Summer Camp

The camp experience is your most critical marketing tool.  When parents see solid outcomes for their kids, they are eager to make the financial “investment”.

I offer two proven products that develop best business practices, the On-Site Product Assessment and Boot Camps which help Leadership Teams prepare for the upcoming summer.

Take a look and then, if you’re ready to work, let’s talk about how we can increase your enrollments and retention …

Email or call me at 213-256-6434