Joanna with the Leadership Team

“Joanna challenged us to scrutinize every aspect of our operation. She provided feedback we could benefit from immediately as well as offering long-term recommendations and solutions.

Her passion and knowledge will prove invaluable as we move forward.”
Michaux Crocker, Director, YMCA Camp Cheerio

Big Results Through a Simple Process… On-Site ‘Product’ Assessment

In order to thrive in a competitive marketplace, you have to be vigilant to the quality of your program.  You cannot be content ‘with the way we’ve always done it’ or ‘assume’ that your product is being delivered exactly the way you intend.  Success comes with ongoing assessment, fine tuning and a pervasive culture of excellence.

Objectivity is essential … but it is hard for you to be truly unbiased about your camp program because you love the people, the place and the philosophy.

You love your camp, but can you critically assess and improve your key marketing tool?

That’s where I come in.  Having evaluated hundreds of camps, I bring to the table a unique industry perspective and a solution orientation that helps teams identify issues and determine resolutions that work.

Camp and year-round operators around the country confirm that the On-Site ‘Product’ Assessment has 3 measurable outcomes …

  • Increased camper return ratios
  • Elevated staff performance
  • Heightened parent referrals

Executive Directors and Owners also report that the process strengthens the leadership teamwork and helps to create a culture of excellence.

capital-camps“Joanna proved to be an extremely valuable asset during our camp’s growth and development.
She encouraged us to think strategically, exploring each aspect of our program with intention,
a critical lens and tremendous focus.”
Jonah Geller, Chief Executive Officer
Capital Camps & Retreat Center,

The ‘Product’ Evaluation has Three Phases

Before the summer, we’ll study enrollment trends and identify actionable items that will positively influence registration and retention numbers.  We’ll also…

  • Dissect the previous summer’s program and address issues that must be improved or revamped.
  • Scrutinize retention methods to confirm effectiveness.
  • Strategize to increase your new acquisition base.
  • Evaluate customer service protocols to confirm that relationships with campers, parents and inquiries are being nurtured.

During the summer, I’ll be on site for a full 24-hour cycle to observe programs, meals, events, rituals, group and cabin times.  I’ll evaluate individual camper engagement, the group experience, facilities and logistics.

  • Camper outcomes will be identified.
  • Leadership, staff and camper interactions will be observed.
  • Program content, progression and clarity of mission will be examined.
  • Facility, venues, logistics and operational procedures will be reviewed.

Before departure, I’ll meet with the Leadership Team to discuss programmatic strengths, weaknesses and areas of concern.  We’ll determine program priorities and identify immediate action steps that will increase retention.

After camp, the leadership team will review the detailed ‘Assessment and Recommendations’ and we’ll prioritize critical elements that can be fine-tuned and perfected.

The goals of this phase are to…

  • Heighten the impact of the camp experience for kids so that they feel compelled to return year after year.
  • Affirm dramatically for parents that their ‘Return on Investment’ more than justifies the expense of camp.
  • Confirm staff consistency and enthusiasm for intentional delivery of First Class program elements.
  • Create an effective strategy for developing new acquisitions and increasing retention rates.

Interested for this summer?  Let me put together a proposal for you.

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